Can my Android device run games made with UE4

Not an answer per se but I’m fairly certain that it is still very early days with regards to UE on Android. I’m having a nightmare of a time getting my project to build for the device which would indicate that they have a toolchain that isn’t really settled yet. This likely extends well into their QC process. My plan right now is to sit tight for 4.3 and see what happens.

Hello everyone,

Yesterday i got Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 GT-S7582 phone. My main intention is to make games with Unreal and play on that phone. My question is, if i make a game will that be able to run it. Yesterday the moment i got it the first game i installed was Tappy Chicken and played for some minutes but i saw green artifacts all over screen and the game hangs. Unfortunately i had to uninstall it.

So is my device not supported for games made with Unreal?

Hi RyanJon2040,

Here is the list of supported devices from our documentation.

Here is the documentation for getting better performance on Mobile.

While this list is not extensive we are currently testing a lot of devices. We do have a Samsung Galaxy S Duos. But not the Dous 2.

Some of the information may be a little out of date on here, but most of it still applies. We are continually addressing and working to improve development for mobile.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Hi Tim,

Thank you for your answer. Can you tell me how Galaxy S Duos perform with Unreal game? Doing a google search i found out that my device uses Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU which unfortunately is not listed on Epic’s supported devices documentation. So does that mean my device wont run UE4 game? Does Epic plan to test on this specific device? And any idea why Tappy Chicken showed green artifacts?

Here is a list of phones that use Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU’s. Has anyone tested UE4 games on any of those devices?

I just spoke with our Compatibility team and there are known issues with the Duos using Tappy Chicken. However, the Samsung Grand uses a Videocore IV GPU as well but did not exhibit the issues.

There are currently no plans to test the Duos 2 specifically, but this could change in the future.

A couple of other things to followup on and test:

Did you build Tappy Chicken using 4.2.1 or did you download it off the Google Play Store? The version on the Google Play store actually is more up to date and has several bug fixes that will be available for you to build when 4.3 releases.

If you have downloaded from the Google Play Store and are still having the green artifacts can you provide the model number (which I think you did above, just confirm that please), and the OS details (This can be found in the phone details for the Android OS version).

Let me know! :slight_smile:


Hi Tim,

I installed Tappy Chicken directly from Play Store app.

Model Number: GT-7582

OS Version: 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

This may end up being something with the device that is causing the issue. I’ll pass this along to our Compat team. I’ll get back to you soon!


Thanks Tim…I’ll wait. :slight_smile:

I installed other games such as Candy Crush Sage, Hill Climb Racing etc and all of them plays well without issues.

Hi Satheesh,

Our compat team tested on the Samsung Grand which uses the same videocore IV GPU and didn’t have any of the green artifacts like you’re getting. Would you be able to take a screen shot of the artifacts you’re seeing and post it here?


For what it’s worth, that device looks quite low end, and the GPU is not very powerful at all, so I doubt any 3D games will work well on that device, much less Unreal Engine games.

@ Jwatte: The issue we’re seeing is that he’s getting the green artifacts. We’re trying to rule out several things as well. Epic is committed to making mobile development and making things better! :slight_smile:

While we don’t have his device specifically we do have a device that uses the same GPU (Samsung Grand). Beyond that it’s looking to test what else may be causing the issue. Tappy Chicken is like any other game released by Epic. It is being supported and tested continuously for each engine release to keep it up to date and fixing bugs!

Hi Tim,

Unfortunately i dont have Tappy Chicken installed. After seeing those artifacts i restarted the mobile and uninstalled it. But the green artifacts i received was very similar to the below image (Image from Google after searching for “android green artifacts”).

I dont have any issues with any other app. Only Tappy Chicken was causing the issue.

Thanks, Satheesh!

I’ll pass it along and see if they’ve seen something similar. Any chance of reinstalling and grabbing a screen shot of it with Tappy Chicken?