Can mobile devices run a video texture?

Hi everyone,

I have a questin about andriod development.
I have tried to use a video texture in andriod project en when I launch the game to my andriod phone all the video texture’s are static black.
Do I do something wrong or is it just not possible to use video texture in a andriod game?

I’ve read the documentation from epic about materials and texture’s multiple times but it does not says of its posible or not:

oh and before i forget. if you know this to:
can mobiele devices hendle particle systems like cascade?

Hi it’s possible to play media players on mobile devices.

hi ikav,
thanks for you response, i’m really glad you did! ;D
your seems to be totally right!

after reading the documentation you profided, I have found the problem!! ;D
apparently for packaging: there need to be a folder named “Movies” inside the “Content” folder where the video files needs to be stored…

thx a lot for helping me out with this one!! ;D