Can mediafire be separated?

I would like to make some sort of random automatic choice between 4 - 5 videos. it is possible to separate the MediaFire

I assume your calling to play the video through a blueprint or C++ script. Have you tried something like the switch on int node and pair it with a random int in range node. Then you could have each video linked to an output and it would randomly pick one.

But could you show me all the steps to insert the videos? Because when I make them, I let them all out on a mediaplayer

I’m using a programming through the blocks. I would like to do what you said, only that I am a beginner. I do not know much.

ok so your using blueprint scripting thats what i use too. Your using something like a play sequence node to play the videos right. pretty much the switch on in is a node that has one input and multiple outputs and decides which output to use based on a integer you provide. but instead of providing a static number you want to plug in a random int in range node which will select a random number between 2 numbers you give it.

in the picture below youll see the basic way of setting it up. fyi i havent worked much with video stuff so the actual playing of video might not be right but selecting of which one to play is solid.

its not something i have worked with so id have to do some research but it should be something like you get a reference to what your looking to play then have it connected to a play node.

can not find anything, to split media players. Would not you have some ideas? Sure, you have more experience than me XD

k i just looked into how to implement it. The picture below shows how i did it and [This][1] is a link to the official documentation which shows you how to setup media step by step. basically follow the instructions in the link to create your media player and apply it to a mesh. when you get tot the part in the level blueprint do it the way they show then drag off the media source and create a select node. also note if you right click on the node where it says select you will see a option to “add option pin” which you can use to add more options. then just add a random int in range node and you should be good to go.

which target should I put to open the Widget I want?

the target is the widget you want to add to the viewport. usually for a widget you would use a create widget node then add to viewport immediately after. so basically get a reference to the widget you create and make that the target

I know this, but how I must do it. Because all the widget targets I have month, it did not open me what I wanted :frowning:

i dont understand what your trying to say could you clarify a bit

No, this is my Widget, how can I put it?

go into your bp_actor and right click on the graph. search for create widget.