Can MakeHuman work with Unreal Engine 4?

Theoretically, yes, you can use MakeHuman in combination with UE4, but not without software to export to FBX file format. I recommend using Blender as it is free.

Hello, Epic Games!
I using MakeHuman to create a character for game on UE4. Can this program work with your engine? It’s IMPORTANT!

Hello, Trent LeBreaux!
OK, I will use Adobe Fuse CC to create a character and animate on CINEMA 4D.
What you think about that?

Sorry for my late reply. Until now I’ve never heard of Adobe Fuse, but it looks promising! As far as I can tell, Fuse does not support exporting to FBX, however it does support OBJ files, which are supported by Blender and, again as far as I can tell, C4D. C4D also exports to FBX and this guy found a solution on how to properly export to UE4. Good luck and have fun!

THANK YOU! I almost downloaded Adobe Fuse, but reading your comment, I cancelled Fuse installing.