Can it be done?

i’m working on a idea for a RPG game and i’m looking into Unreal or Unity to do it in.

A friend strongly recommends Unreal, but its also going to depend on how well I can work some of the “features”

How well would Unreal be able to create a squad formation? size of 3 - 6 including the player who would stand in the center, formations would be adjustable based on follower classes.
would this be an easy thing to set up?

I’m not sure exactly how as I’m not a programmer, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be done.

Sure! You can do anything you want in Unreal. I have some projects intended to push the engine to the limits with scalability, and so far they have done well.

My plan is for a prototype (almost all paper work is done) for as you can guess, a squad based RPG, open real time world.

I’m just trying to get the important things to work, is there any programmers that anyone would recommend I could ask for this? I’m a Designer not much experience programming (except modding)

So what you are asking is “can someone do this for me” instead of “is this possible”. Also your request isnt an engine feature… its just vague ai programming.

most common thread:
reads: i want to do an open world RPG, but, I have never used a game engine before and have never done anything in the gaming industry before, but, i want to create the single most expensive and near impossible task!

Seriously, i am in no way trying to sound like a jerk here, but, what your asking for is the biggest task you could possibly hope for. Can unity do it? Sure, why not. Are you going to wish you used Unreal for this project? Yup.
Your going to be needing a lot more then a (read: single) programmer. you need a gfx designer, 2 programmers (i suggest), landscape designer, netcode junkie, environmental designer … etc etc etc etc etc … and a ton of money to invest in yourself. Either way, if your paying your team, or, buying a ton of busted, barely functional, assets from the marketplace (you wont be able to buy all parts and just drop them in 1 project). Your going to need $$ and a lot of it. Also time. You will need lots and lots of that. Assuming your entire team has no other life responsibility to keep up with (other jobs, school, etc).

What you posted for AI is easy. Basic stuff.
What you actually want (RPG + open world) will be the death of you as a first project.

ive used a game engine before … years ago.

im not looking for someone to do anything for me, I want to do as much as I can on my own, but I know I need help.

the feature, as i called it, was more about the “game” side of it. (should stop posting at 3AM … not going to happen)

This is more about learning one of the programs, but with a “product” in mind just to have something to work on.

again, i want to do as much myself as i can, but would need some guidance with more advanced things.

sounds easy enough, depends on how good you are at code? I could do it no sweat… actually it sounds like a silly question to be honest, of course you can do it! you can do anything you can imagine, just figure it out…

Hi @Spy46,

You can absolutely do it with Unreal (and Unity). Since you mentioned you are a designer, I think Blueprints (visual coding) will be easier to learn than C#. If this is the case then I would recommend Unreal over Unity. I would also vouch for the Unreal community being the most helpful community I have ever found for any software! So while you are learning feel free to post in the forums with specific questions as you learn.

Like some posters have said, creating an open world RPG is a monumental task for a single developer, but it CAN be done with a lot of time. I would probably set my aim lower for my first project, but either way its going to be a learning experience.

Thank you CoquiGames.

Right now I am just after the mechanics, one step at a time.
I will make a small map with symbolic objects and try to get a “character” to move with the SWAD keys then expand from there.

I am not trying to actually make the actual game, I do have its designs on paper/computer and have worked on it for over a year now.

so with that said, is there a good non lecturing tutorial that will tell me how to make the movements for a “character” (Cube)