Can I watch movies that are rendered in real time by UE on my PC?


I’ve just found the UE forums because I’m looking to see if there are movies that are rendered in real time by any PC that’s running UE, rather than watching a media file of a movie that’s been pre-rendered by some sort of super computer, like Toy Story for example.

Any info about this would be much appreciated. Cheers.


Hi @Darcal73! Welcome to the Forums!

Do you mean a movies/videos made exclusively in Unreal by a single PC and not a large render farm? Maybe some specifics on what exactly you mean will help clear this up some.

If you were meaning using Unreal and a single PC to create a short film, Unreal has a tutorial series that does just that:

Welcome To Film And Television

I hope the above information is what you are looking for!

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he means a native UE contents with a real-time film inside (like a movie made with cinematics). aka DEMO.

@Darcal73 it is possible to do real-time cinematics in unreal and generate a movie in an executable, but it doesn’t has any practical justification.

When you do things real-time is because you want interact with the experience. If the exposed contents (the movie) is fixed and the spectator can only see the same that can be seen in a regular movie then there is no sense to build everything inside unreal, optimize, etc for the same results.

In the case of VR you can find some actual real-time 3d short movies but are more like an experience because you are in an immersive medium and the real-time method justifies the goal.

You have also a lot of cons about the concept of real-time movies.

  • You need a high end hardware to enjoy the visuals
  • the contents of a 2 hours movie (characters, backgrounds, sounds, textures, general assets) would take a lot of storage.

A traditional movie is light in terms of storage and performance for low end hardware because everything is ‘cooked’ in a traditional movie.

In a traditional movie is the same if the movie is about south park with 2d chars or a transformers movie…it will take almost the same storage, even for performance. The hardware will just play the stream whatever it is.

There is a growing number of movies studios using unreal in the pipeline and using its real-time capabilities to output the assets like filming with traditional tools for later post-production ,etc. But they just are using unreal as a creative tool and generate materials for the movie. Don’t use unreal as the movie itself.

So regarding your question. You can find some short movie (like a Nvidia real-time demo/proof of concept) done in unreal, but don’t expect a full featured movie for now.


Some Studios already making animation series in the engine. Ofc they are not releasing them as “Game content”.


Thanks for the replies. I understand that it’d be a waste of resources meaning processing power and data storage. Obviously some games have storyline cut-scenes that are rendered in real time by the game’s 3D engine just like the game itself but it’s justified because it’s within a mostly interactive environment.

I just liked the idea but it’s quite pointless I suppose.

Thanks again.

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