Can I used Solidworks/Catia/NX to do modeling/landscape work?

Hi, I am currently looking to start learning how to create games and use UE4 and I was about the interaction of some solid modelers that I currently use for my job and UE4. I currently work in the Aerospace field and have great knowledge of modeling within the following 3 platforms: Solidworks, Catia, and NX (known to some as unigraphics). From my research I have found that UE4 only takes in .fbx file types that none of the above platforms export. From my research I have found that I can import files into a program called Meshlab and convert them to a different file type and then import them into Autodesk FBX convert. However this process still creates errors when I open these converted models within UE4. Is there any way for me to use the above 3 listed modeling platforms or should I hunker down and learn one of the more game oriented modeling platforms (Blender for example)?

Sorry if my question does not make sense as I am new to UE4 and game modeling / rendering in general.

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I’m not familiar with those modelers. If they support obj you can use that for static meshes.

What’s the UV support in those programs? You’ll want good UVs or else you models will render poorly.

As for your FBX conversion issue, what version are you exporting?

Check out: FBX Static Mesh Pipeline | Unreal Engine Documentation

UE4 FBX models require to be in FBX2014.

I could probably give more advice if you mention what your errors are.

I recommend using Maya or Max if you can. Blender’s export isn’t the greatest at the moment although Epic have donated money to improve that.

Hope this helps!

Those programs you mention are not ment to be used for games. The models you want in a game should be made out of polygons. Solid works makes solids, just as other CAD programs like Inventor and 123D Design. I am not familiar with neither Catia or NX however if they aren’t polygon modeling software, they won’t simply make the right kind of 3d objects. As for Meshlabs and other ways of converting these models to the other, theres no way of doing so, without any errors. Your outcome model often involves polygons and vertices colliding. For example if you model something as simple as a cube in Solidworks and tries to make it a polygon model, you won’t get one face per face if that makes sense. Instead of making a cube inside of solid works and then converting it you would rather make a primitive or sometimes called simple object inside for example 3ds max. For more complex objects the struggle is just getting worse if you would try to convert models.

You mentioned Blender as an alternative program. I’ve heard it’s supposed to be quite simple to learn but since I don’t know what kind of objects your going to make I can’t recommend you none other than 3ds Max since that’s what I use. But for a start you might look around the different workspaces Max, Maya, Blender and other programs have to give you and idea what you are looking for.

I hope you find my answer somewhat useful.
Best regards - Joakim