Can i use Visual Studio 2013 Express compile Unreal engine 4 source code ?

Can i use Visual Studio 2013 Express compile Unreal engine 4.9 source code ?

And what the different between download unreal engine 4 from epic launcher version and source code version ?

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Express / Community Edition should work just fine (compiler is not “somehow” limited in free versions). Source code version contains (depends on branch) new updates, fixes, features, etc.
You can find more here:

Thankyou Krossfire, I’ll download express version now. and i’ll give you $50,000 when i’m rich more than bill gates.

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Hi Buddy6,

There is one thing that I would like to clarify in this regard. If you are going to use the Express version of Visual Studio, make sure you get the Desktop version. This is the only version of Express that will work with Unreal Engine 4. You may also want to consider getting the Community version. The Community version is the same as the Professional version, but it is available to use for free if you meet the license limitations.


If we use vs2013 community version can we sell our game made from unreal engine 4 ?.

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Yes. If you make more than $100,000.00 US dollars, then you must purchase a VS Pro license.

As laforced mentioned, you can certainly use VS 2013 Community for commercial projects. Up to a certain point. Make sure you read the license. It really is a good option for most small teams.


Thankyou so much. :slight_smile: