Can I use Variables in timelines to adjust character speed?

I understand that if i want to make an actor move from a position to an other i can do it using a timeline.
I have an actor that moves between 2 positions from time to time, but at random speeds. Is there a way to pass and use a variable inside a timeline? I would use it to adjust both the length of the track and the position of the last point. I dont find any way to do it.

If this is really not possible, i have a suggestion to make. It would be nice to be able to add custom entry nodes to the timeline, and to have a blueprint graph to manage all the objects of the timeline. Tracks and points would be objects with all their properties like lengths, positions etc… This script would run once at the start of the timeline.

Basically there would be a visual timeline like we already have, and a graph timeline to manually edit everything.

When you create a Timeline you get a variable for that Timeline, so you can use that variable to control play rate, time, etc. of that specific timeline.

Set the variable in the canvas > Call functions > Components > Timeline.

Thanks Jacky,

This helped me out also.