Can I use unreal to learn?

I’ve had some game ideas and wanted to see about making them. I heard about a game I play switching to unreal and learned that it’s a game creation engine.

As there is a lot of work and time, I can imagine putting anything out soon. Looking at the agreement i noticed that it’s 5% of revenue. Which I more than happily would pay. But what if I practice and learn and rewrite for a year…two of more before I market anything?
Is that okay with me owing a balance of $0.00

Just reading quick over agreement I Didnt See A Minimum Due…
Id Aappreciate A Link If to Where Something Like That Is Covered

That’s one of the main purposes of the engine, there’s a high value to Epic if there’s a lot of developers who have experience with the engine because it then makes it easier for big games to choose the engine since there’s lots of people they can hire.
Originally the engine had a subscription fee but they removed that and now you only owe money if you sell a game you’ve made with UE4. If you haven’t made any money then you owe nothing.

I thought so but wanted make sure and wasn’t robbing them…I’m really excited about this actually and hope I can gain some experience while having fun…