Can i use unreal engine 4 in my laptop?

Can i use UE4 in my laptop?

My laptop status is…

RAM: 4 GB,
PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Core i5 ,CPU 2.5 GHz,
System : 64 bit Operating System,
Display adapters: Inter(R) HD Graphics4000,NVIDIA GetForce GT 640M LE.
and, Do i need a vedio card? Or what i need to do?(please help me)

Hi MD Maruf,

It will depend to some extent on what you are using it for and how much patience you have. UE 4.18 runs on my very old laptop with only integrated intel graphics, 4GB RAM and at least 5 year old chip.
Here is what Epic says,

Here’s what we recommend on the FAQ:

Desktop PC or Mac
Windows 7 64-bit or Mac OS X 10.9.2 or later
Quad-core Intel or AMD processor, 2.5 GHz or faster
NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX or AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or higher
NOTE: We do not provide any officially recommended specs for laptops. We don’t suggest this, but for those of you >attempting development with integrated graphics, it would be in your best interest to have more system RAM than the >8GB we recommend for a system with dedicated graphics.

My laptop runs UE4 passably for blueprint, CPP programming and UMG stuff, its a bit laggy and i wouldn’t recommend it as a long term solution. But anything graphics -wise is pretty much out of the question: editing animation,editing materials, particle effects, compiling shaders etc… . Your laptop sounds more advanced than mine so you may have a better experience.

It will run it almost certainly and you can do some game programming and prototyping, just steer clear of the graphical aspects until you have had a chance to upgrade your hardware.

Let me know if that was helpful.

Thanks …(User609571414)
your answer is helpful and it motivate me very highly…
Unruly now i want to use UE4 for get experience and make some 2D Game.and I will try to make 3D game when i upgrade my Hardware as you suggest.

hi User609571414
i install unreal engine 4.18.2 . But when i launch the engine.this message is shown which picture i attach…
then i again install this engine but this message show also agin. i do not understan this message.can you help me…?

Do you have all the C++ redistributes from Microsoft loaded on your machine? I believe that’s what the error is from, you can check if you have them under control panel - uninstall programs and you should see them on the list.

my controll panel list here. i do not understand what is missing. and what to do.(Thanks for your feedback)

These are the ones I have, you might need the updated versions from Microsoft website.

howw i solve my problem???

howw i solve my problem???

Did you go to Microsoft’s website and install the latest ones? This program can get very technical and it takes a certain level computer knowledge to get it going. We can’t hold your hand forever but we can try and help the best we can. so go to Microsoft’s site and get the latest installs, I wont post a direct link because they change and it might not work in the future so find it using a search engine.

thanks for your suggest.