Can i use UE5 to ship my games?

I am hearing so much about people diving into UE5 and not going back to UE4. Are these people shipping with UE5? Or are they just playing around in UE5?

Is it okay for me to ship to play store and ios with UE5?

There is nothing preventing you from using it, however it’s still in early access and not ready for production yet. Most people are just playing around with it to get familiar with the new features and report bugs to Epic.

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Early access only means that all new features are in experimental stage and doesn’t work like expected for release but if you don’t use them or don’t mind the bugs, why not.

So is it also possible that a mobile package fails purely because it was packaged in UE5 and would work normally in UE4?

Or is it things that were working fine in UE4 will also work in UE5 normally and only new things like Lumen and Nanite might be buggy?

The answer to both questions is yes.

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