Can i use this model leagally?

I’m very bad at modelling, and i need a model of shrek, i’m making a little oculus rift game for my brothers son, and he loves shrek.

I kinda asked about this before but never showed the model to you.

My question is, am i allowed to use this for a game? and can i publish the game? legally?

The license says: Personal use only

Shrek as a character belongs to DreamWorks i think so you cant use it without their permission first in a commercial game. It should be fine if you are going to use it to make a game for your brother’s son though(non-commercial).

Okay thanks

Technically speaking you are not allowed to use it for personal use either, but hey, who’s going to know.

That whole site is full of copyright infringements though haha, ‘free’ 3D models of intellectual property of major companies …