Can I use this C++ Microsoft Library in my game?

Hello everyone!

Can I use this Microsoft library in my game code?
[](CryptProtectMemory Library)

You’ll have a hard time using .NET classes in Unreal.
It’s just too much work to make them bridge correctly.

In the Marketplace, are some cool Blueprints libraries for encryption.

That’s a regular Win32 library, not a .NET library. Yes, you can link against, and use, any Win32 library, as long as your game only targets / runs on Windows.

Note that the memory you “encrypt” will have to be “unencrypted” when you want to use it, though. Thus, you cannot generally apply this to game variables that are managed by the engine (actors, blueprints, network packets, and so forth.)

Also, the memory you “encrypt” cannot be written to disk and later read in and decrypted – the keys used are ephemeral. Also, the keys are not available on other machines, so the function cannot be used for data you want to transmit over a network.