Can I use the Unreal Logo on my Twitch Stream?

Im streaming work on my current UE4 project on my Twitch stream. Can I use the Unreal Engine Logo on my Off-line graphic?

No Simple answer because usage of the Unreal trademark depends on lot of things like what youre doing (including esrb rating for example), how you would use the logo etc…

but you can find your answers here and download official logo’s or you can find the way how you can integrate in your content (in case if you wanna change the logo)

Thanks for the reply. My stream is primarily dedicated to building a personal project in Blender and UE 4. While an occasional swear word might leave someones lips, there is no offensive content displayed or implied. If an Epic rep would like to view the content that the logo is being associated with, it can be found here on my Twitch channel.
If the usage is deemed inappropriate, I will remove the logo immediately. I await your answer.