Can I use the same variable in all blueprints?

I’m creating an energy sistem and I need to be able to change the same variable in blueprints all over my game.
I’m kind of lost.

Hi ,

It sounds to me as though Macro Libraries may be a route worth looking into. Here is the link to the documentation on it.

I hope this helps!

I’m reading about macro, and so far a understand that I can create function to reply in anyweare in my game, but I can’t create variables in macro.

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You could have one blueprint that is in charge of the variable, and then, using Blueprint-Communications, you could have other blueprints access and modify that variable.

Here’s one of our tutorial videos that went up in a recent blog post, explaining Blueprint-Communications and how to use them: https://www…com/watch?v=s5pIrpI7py8

Hopefully this helps!

Cheers - MikeB (Epic Games)

Hey, I resolved part with Macro and part with event dispacher,

Thanks a lot

Not a problem, let us know if you run into more trouble!