Can I use the product viewer template to walk around a multi-story house?

I’m not sure if I missed a video tutorial on the product viewer blueprints (I see they are commented, but still pretty difficult to understand).

I’d like to walk around a house in VR, which has several different floor heights.

Trouble is, I’m not sure what, exactly, makes the floor in the product viewer a functional teleport target?

Also, what happens if there’s a thick rug on the floor in one of the rooms? Can’t I target that area then?

Hello. Here is the documentation for the Product Viewer template: Collab Viewer Templates | Unreal Engine Documentation

You’ll be interested in the VR Teleport Mode section, and especially the Adding Your Own Content section.

You’ll probably be better with the multi user template that has most of walk and fly navigation, more intuitive vr navigation and bookmark systems. Its closer to architecture walk through than the product viewer.

Thank you!

It seems I need to figure out how to add some invisible surfaces, yet ones which can be targeted, to the node called “teleport root”. I actually also put grass from the open world tutorial in my level, so I need to see if it ignores that or not (I’m a bit worried that the grass will get in the way of the aiming).

We are, at this time, not interested in a multi-user environment. We are leaning more towards a product configurator (but the product in this case is very large).