Can I use the assets from the engine for a commerical game?

Hey All!

I bet this have been asked like 10 million times.
I ask again, can i make commercial game where i use this blue dude what comes with UE4 pack?
I remember times at UDK that i can’t use skeletal stuff for my game inside of UDK but those days i didn’t pay anything for Engine, now i pay 19$ per month so can i use skeletal meshes…

I don’t want 10 lines text for awnser. Please keep it simple, YES or NO!

Q: Can you use the not yet released “Realistic Weapons Pack” for commercial use ?

A: Yes, you will be able to do that when it’s available. Also, you can use all of the free Epic content in the marketplace commercially in any games you build with UE4. This includes all of the content residing in example projects. For example, all of the weapons, meshes, sounds and materials in Shooter Game. Tappy Chicken even!

hope that helps

So i can use all starter content given by epic games?