Can I use static mesh faces as grid tiles?

Hello! recently I teamed up with some friends to create a little board game (TBS). I have to mention that I’m the only one a bit familiar with UE4, but everything I did so far was third person character movement and interaction with certain objects, nothing very complicated. As you can see in the screenshot bellow, we have the a board that has different forms of relief, but there is no actual grid system for the characters movement.

I’m not yet familiar with the grid system and every tutorials I found so far are using a flat area, like a chess board. From the board mesh I deleted everything, except the top faces that are meant to be accessible for the units and imported it as a new mesh, then I placed it over the original board and made it invisible. As I asked in the title, is possible to use the faces from a single mesh as individual tiles for the grid system, or do I need another approach like separating every face from each other or creating new meshes in UE4 to act as a grid system and allow the character movement?

For the mechanics there will not be something very fancy, a simple select the troop and a click on the tile I want to move will be enough for now.