Can I use something else besides Visual Studio 2013?

I have a problem, I can’t install Visual Studio 2013 on my computer.
Can I use another code editor or Visual Studio 2010?

With the newest Engine version you need VS2015

You can use any text editor, But I beleive UE4 uses the VC++ compiler.
I beleive there is a way to only install the VC++ compiler.

Also, Have you tried installing the VS 2015 Community edition? (requires MS account to use, Even tho it is free).


I can manually add the class (( .cpp, .h files) and edit in a text editor. And the engine will be able to compile?

As long as it has the VC++ compiler.

I just recalled why: VS update 3 changed compiler behavior that caused issues compiling, Also ICE errors being thown from VC++.

I suggest looking on the MS website for a VC++ 2015 compiler installer.
But I recommend getting VS2015 Community edition, The initial release ISO was ~3GiB download size.
You could also use the web installer to only install the IDE and VC++, But I cannot give you an idea of download size or if it will recover from broken internet connection(s).

You could tru XCode, IIRC there is a option for UE4 to use that instead of VS.