Can I use ShooterGame Content in video course for Coursera/Udemy?

I’m going to create an online course for Udemy/Coursera. Is it legal to use content from ShooterGame: meshes, animations, textures?

I don’t know if it’s the same but is allowed on Universities. It’s legally like a part of the software itself as i have undestood, I use the Vehicle template on a GameLab class but is public education so I don’t know if there’s any difference.

Thanks for the reply!

  • So I can’t create the tutorial repo with my own code + shooter game content?
  • Could I do this with StarterPack content?

Thanks a lot! Last clarifications that I need (I apologize for my knowledge of licensing)
(1) If I have public repo in Github with ShooterGame content. I need to add for example in description smth like “Content in this project may only be used in Unreal Engine projects as per the Unreal Engine EULA”

You are free to use ShooterGame content for your educational courses. If your classes are solely via video (without offering downloads of any software or content), you should be good to go. Please note, however, that distribution of ShooterGame content, and other Epic code/content, is restricted under the EULA.

You can do both, but (1) you can only distribute ShooterGame content to other UE licensees (StarterPack source can be distributed to whomever as it is an “Example” under the EULA; and (2) including either content in your repo will mean revenue you generate in connection with that project, including your course tuition fees, will be subject to 5% royalty.

Unfortunately it isn’t as simple as that. You are responsible for ensuring that your users are Unreal Engine licensees who otherwise would have rights to download the ShooterGame content independently.

So basically repository with ShooterContent couldn’t be public. I should manually give access to every student after checking that she has Epic account. Interesting is there a way to sign up them automatically with Epic account or checking with Github app that they are in UnrealEngine organization.

You should be able to do that by forking Epic’s UE Github, which is locked to licensees only.

Thanks SonsOfKorhal for your responses! It is really helpfull.

Just to be sure I’ve well understand the discussion here: The" responsability of ensuring that our users are Unreal Engine licensees" applies ONLY if we include ShooterGame content ? If we don’t have any starter content, do we have to check this too ?

For example I want to expose a Github repo which was build with the “C++ blank project” and there is only my code + *.uproject, *.target.cs, config/*.ini files, do I have any legals restrictions here ?

StarterPack content can be freely distributed under the EULA (EULA - Unreal Engine) (check out Section 1(A)(e)).

Those files you list (*.uproject, .target.cs, config/.ini) aren’t restricted, so you can host them on a public Github repo.

Thanks a lot for your reply! I’ll have to read the whole EULA, the thing is I am not really fluent in english + legal terms, do you know if a french version exists somewhere?

Unfortunately, no. We don’t have a French translation of the EULA.

OK then, it’s time to improve my english :smiley: ! Thanks for your responses anyway