Can i use publishing license to create non game content?

i want to make games so i took publishing license, but apart from the game i’m working on, i also want to create different non game content(like yt videos). So the question is if the money i earn from this non game content will be considered as game revenue?

Depends on what the “non-game content” is. Revenue generated by Youtube videos and other non-interactive, linear media are expressly excluded from your royalty obligations.

However, no royalty is owed on the
following forms of revenue: … 5.
Revenue from an Unrestricted Product,
including for clarity, revenue from a
Product which solely relies on the
Licensed Technology for production of
non-interactive linear media (e.g.,
broadcast or streamed video files,
cartoons, or movies) and which is
Distributed in a form that does not
contain the Licensed Technology or, in
order to deliver, rely on servers
running the Licensed Technology;