Can i use Physx 2.8 in UE4?

UE4 use Physx 3.3 and it dont have implementation of soft body physics, instead of physx 2.8.
Nvidia announce Flex witch have support of soft bodies, but then it happen is unknown.
So can i use Physx 2.8 in UE4? If can, how i attach it to engine?
Is it difficult?

Hi Dober2x3,

Currently we do not have Flex support on our UE4 Roadmap via Trello. This could be something will be implemented in the future but currently it’s not planned.

As for your second question, I’m not sure how you would go about best implementing 2.8 into UE4 or if it’s even possible. This question would better to ask in our “Engine Source & GitHub” section. I’m going to move this thread there to give others the opportunity to weigh in on whether this would be possible for you to do or not.

Thank you!


Please, plan on it :smiley:

+1 i agree with that

+1 :cool: 10chars

May I ask why it’s not currently planned? :stuck_out_tongue: is it because it runs on the GPU (which means it either has no AMD card support or lower performance)?

Either way I would vote that it is added as a feature request in the roadmap. :o