Can i use permanently free assets in my product?

Hello, I’m doing a programing asset and to use as example i would like to use a gun from ‘FPS Weapon Bundle’ which is permanently free.
If i put the references in the description can i use them?


No, you can not.

I’m not sure I agree with ^ this ^ (based on what you wrote, which is ambiguous).
But its a question for the Marketplace Team anyway… So its better to ask them…
As nothing stated here on the forums actually counts or means anything legally!

thanks for the answers, I sent them an email :slight_smile:

The UE4 license terms and the marketplace licensing terms are not ambiguous; you cannot use content from other Marketplace products within your own products. Marketplace content can only be used in ‘shipped products’, and cannot be sublicensed to other developers through your own Marketplace offerings.

I know, but because is permanently free maybe it would be different but not.

They already answered if is from epic games yes.

No, assets from products in the permanent free collection cannot be included in your Marketplace submission. Only content created by Epic Games directly can be included as demo content. This content can be found here:…ile/Epic+Games

Sure, just to say I never implied the Marketplace rules were ambiguous.
I was saying the OP’s product usage description above was ambiguous.
But no worries. Good to know anyway. Thanks for clarifying ambershee. :slight_smile:

I think the idea is that assets are “free” within the context of a business model where you make a shipped game and they get 5%. They aren’t free because they’re worthless, abandoned intellectual property. :wink: That’s not me being critical, that’s just Why they’re being provided - they want you to succeed and make a great Unreal game, and someone has invested their time and resources speculatively to make that happen.