Can i use one of your guess characters for a game

I want to make a game and i was just asking to make a game using some of your characters for me and my brothers game. We don’t know what the game is going to be called but it will have something to do if you let us use one of your characters a girl for mortal combat coming to the world were the game( Jump-force) and they date but the character from Jump-force doesn’t know that the girl from mortal combat is also dating a character from gear of war 5 then every one from gow 5 ( gear of war 5) and (mortal combat) and (Jump-force) start fighting.So do you unreal games like the idea.

If you’re interested in getting started with 3D game development, you can generally find character assets on the Unreal Engine marketplace (some are for free.) You can access the marketplace through the Epic Games Launcher. You can also check out where you can get free character assets. You can also use mixamo to add basic skeletons and animations to human-shaped meshes.

I’d echo what James said. The Infinity Blade Warriors pack is free and a good place to start:

This tutorial series from Epic specifically calls out steps to set them up as playable characters you can choose between: