Can I use my metahuman as an avatar in other apps (like VRChat) under standard license? (non-commercial)

Hey Unrealists,

I’ve read that under the MetaHuman license agreement I can use my created MetaHuman in all Unreal Engine-based creations, more or less.

Of course, I immediately wanted to create a MetaHuman model to use as an avatar in a game like VRChat. This uses another engine for their avatars. This wouldn’t be a commercial usage of the model, afaik.

My question is; am I allowed to export my MetaHuman & import it into a not unreal engine-based game (like VRChat) for personal usage?



Hey there, it’s nice that you’re considering compliance, but how would you even do that?

well, I used to make characters for my personal VR chat needs. It’s quite easy to do but with metahumans it might not be as practical based on the number of bones, triangles and general performances for this use.

This and as stated in the license agreement, it’s more or less of an unreal product, exporting the model is fine (because you need to for some things like clothing, grooms, textures, etc.) but importing it into an other engine, even for personal use could break the license agreement (as far as I’m aware of).