Can I use Metahumans Creator as AI?

Can u please answer my question ? The Metahuman Creator EULA says that u cannot ((j) use the MetaHuman Technology for the purpose of building or enhancing any database or training or testing any artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neural network or similar technology;

Does it mean that i can not make AI bots in ue4 game which walk on streets or fight with the player , using MHC character meshes ?

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We had a discussion about this on the Virtual Beings Facebook group. My contact at Epic Games said, “General guidance from me is that the Eula prohibits the use of metahumans as a source of training data.” In other words, this does not directly apply to digital humans, virtual humans, or virtual beings.

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Thank you sir . I was very concerned about the topic and i think i got the answer . I can use them in my game as AI bots . Correct me if i am wrong !!

Hello. can I use metahumans to study for non-commercial purposes, for educational purposes to write a paper?