Can I use Kite Demo non commercially?

Can I use Kite Demo as a map non commercially?

As bits or in full, modified or whatever…

Is there even any point? Would it be playable as a map?

Thats it… thats my question…

You can use it commercially and noncommercially, all free assets provided by Epic can be used commercially

wow cool! Ok delete this before somone else uses it!! :smiley:

Is it suitable for MP RP type play tho?

the kite demo isn’t really suited for games in general(as it was made as more of a showcase/cinematic) let alone MP but you could optimize the stuff you want to use(like lowering texture res/polycount…ect).

Well that is because many textures are 8k, you could use them with 1k or 2k resolution.

How do you use the plugin? I don’t see how it works :confused:

There’s no plugin, the Kite Demo is an example project you can download it and open it like any other project.