Can i use houdini apprentice with ue4

Can i create a asset with houdini apprentice and use it with ue4? If so do i need a plugin? because it will not build when i try to put the assets into the engine. In the level editor is just a houdini logo. I know that i i must wait a little. But it never changed to my asset

Did anyone else get this?

Houdini License issue -
(HoudiniAssetActor_3) : (Finished
Instantiation with Errors: HAPI Error:
Non-commercial (Apprentice) assets not
allowed with commerical licenses.).

As far as I know you can use Houdini with any software as long as you exported as a model format (obj, fbx, …). What you cannot do is use the plugin, so you can not modify the model inside the unreal. You need at least the Indie license to do that.

After using UE for just two hours in total I’ve solved the problem and here’s the answer/work-around.

No you can’t use Houdini Apprentice (H-A) with UE as it stands because H-A doesn’t offer any third party rendering without a water mark, only renders in 720, and only in a proprietary .picnc, .hicnc and .hdanc which the Houdini digital asset in UE doesn’t accept. So you’re stuck right?.. well no…

Work-around: Create the digital asset in Houdini Apprentice, save as regular .hsanc → use a .hdanc to .hdalc conversion tool → use your Houdini digital assets directly in UE as if they’re Houdini Indie!

Houdini conversion tool: Login (it works, just log in with Google account)
Houdini Engine for Unreal Engine documentation and walk through.

You’re welcome, and this deserves some point… all of the point to be exact!

and btw yes I have a Houdini Indie license it’s well worth the money but I figured out the solution by looking at the docs after one of my hda’s didn’t work, who knew you could solve things by looking at the documentation?


Yes I got it… easy.

So the answer was no but yes, but no but yes…YES but convert
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