Can I use force function at paper 2d?

Can I use force function at paper 2d ?

You can have a look at the Example 1.5 in the Paper 2D Content Examples map by Epic. It shows Physics applied to Paper 2D content (i.e. 3D Physics Limited to a Plane): Content Examples Sample Project for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Where can I find these examples,please?

Start the “Epic Games Launcher” and then go to “Learn”-tab on the left. Then under the header/section “Engine Feature Samples” you see “Content Examples”.

If you click on that, you can download a large project with tons of example content. It’s a great resource, but indeed quite hard to find the location of!

thank you so much

how can i mark it ?

You’re welcome! Btw, if you got it working, please mark the answer as resolved here!


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