Can I use created materials in UMG's?

Hey guys,

I want to use a material for an “image” how it is called in the umg blueprint editor. My material has an emissive color, it is really bright. I want to use this material but there is no option for it. Can I use materials in widgets?

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You should be able to add an Image to your Widget, which is in the same left, upper tab as all the other native widgets (text, border, horizontal box, etc.)

And such an image should also accept materials.

Afaik, a material needs to be set to “Unlit” to be used in UMG.

Hey, thanks fou your post! Unfortunately it does not work:

“This material does not use the UI material domain.
Change the material domain?”

If I press on change the material is used but it is just white.

I changed it to unlit like you said but nothing changed.

Change the Material Domain from Surface to User Interface.

Yop, that’s it. Sorry, forgot about that :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys! So it is not possible to add emissive color for the light effect in widgets? Do you guys know any way?

How did you add the material to an image in your widget?

@**TristanPiejn: **The same way you set a normal image, choose it from the dropdown.

im having a hard time running a material with user interface as its domain on mobile

Hi can you tell me how i can get it working ? I would like create progressbar (health bar with animated material ) Thanks in advance

So to go back to this topic.
Can i make use of Roughness,Metallic, Normalmap and BaseColor on a UMG Widget?
I can use an image, yeah, but i need a full material for a better look. When i set the Material to User Interface everything disappears whats material relevant.
Can someone help?

Thank you!