Can I use blueprint to store data for read/write

I have several different set of parameters for my character, which influence the behavior of my character. The purpose of the parameters are that the character can be in different states, for each state it uses the specific set of parameters. Most of the parameters are float, others are enum, bool and string.

I need store them as persistent data for the character to load when the game starts, and also to save to when I adjust the parameters in runtime. I couldn’t figure out what the best way to store such data for loading/saving. Is it a good idea to use blueprint here, like storing each set of parameters per blueprint, then instantiating the blueprints for reading/saving the data? If so, how could I save the changes I made to the blueprints in runtime. Or should I use database for such purpose, like sqlite? Is it proper that I use blueprint just for storing game data?

Thanks a lot.

Proper? Sure. You can even have game data from multiple characters in one savegame class (though it does write out to more than one .sav file if you do).

So far as I can see you can follow either Rama’s C++ tutorial or you can build on the TappyChicken blueprint example.
The SaveGame class can store / load many variables through any event you want.
If you search SaveGame on the answer hub you’ll find other posts leading to how it’s done.

Thanks for your answer. It seems what I’m looking for. I’ll check both of the tutorial and the tappy chicken savegame.