Can i use Blender (GPL)

Hello everyone, i’m working on a product that i want to sell in UE4 marketplace, but i’m using Blender for 3D modeling, and it came to my attention that GPL licences are not allow. Wen i try to look for more info in the forums it seems that people only talk about downloading 3D models and not making them, so i wonder if me using Blender to create a 3D model still break the UE4 Marketplace GUIDELINES?

Thank you

No. products of work made in GPL licence software are not inheriting it’s GPL licence, same as you can open anyother licence licenced file with GPL licence software it does not magically change it’s licence as well as copyrights. So yes you are free to make models with Blander and sell and distribute them under any licence you like.

You would need to explicitly licence your models under GPL for this rule take effect… which is kind of stupid thing to do if you plan to sell the model. If you would do that you not only can’t sell models on UE4 marketplace… but you can not use your models in UE4 all together as it is againsts UE4 EULA

To understand that rule, best is to learn why it exists.

The creators of GPL, GNU Foundation is highly ideological about open source software and there ultimate goal is to make all software open-source, they even calling themselves open-source movement. To enforce that, they designed GPL to “infect” software that uses or distribute other software with GPL licence, a licence which allows to free redistribution of the software for free and forces the creator of such software to open the source of it’s own software or distribute on demand (in case of paid product) which ofcorse then can be also redistributed for free. Effectivly preventing GPL software together with closed source software (Yes, UE4 source is kind of open to public, but Epic controls access to it under EULA as well as it licencing, GPL would prevent them from doing that) . In short it is intrusive licence which automatically alters any other licence in to licence which prevents efficiently making any money out of the software distribution and Epic don’t want that.

Because of that you can’t use libraries or distribute GPL software with UE4, because if you do, UE4 would need to use GPL licence and Epic would compliantly lose it’s exclusive control over it’s product, as well royalties that EULA enforce. Thats why EULA prohibits use of GPL. You also can not use any assets with UE4 that are licensed under GPL as they will legally effect engine same way, and this is why market place has that rule too. Not to mention it would make any game made in UE4 a GPL software, technically legalizing piracy of those games under GPL rules.

So as long as you don’t decide to licence you model under GPL, you free to use Blander made models with UE4 and sell and distribute your models anywhere, and licence it whatever you like :slight_smile: UE4 marketplace curators will never care what did you use to make the assets (as long as it legal software) as long as it formatted properly and follows guidelines.

Thank you so much for the reply, it really help to clear up some of my concerns.

Greatly appreciate.