Can I use baked lighting with modular level design that share textures


I am currently fiddling with VR game development. I have been reading and watching various lectures on VR game design and am at the stage of modular level design route so I can reuse assets and use shared textures to help with performance. Question - Lets say I build a level with only one wall and one floor component. Each component has a seperate UV for the texture and a UV for lighting however they share the same texture. The level has 8 different point lights, all different colours. With this type of set up would it be possible to bake lighting? How does the engine do this if it only has a UV for the wall and a UV for the floor? Or do I have to use Dynamic lighting instead?

I only ask because I watched an interview with the game designer at Firesprite (who made The Persistence for PSVR, and also use Unreal) and he said they couldn’t bake the lighting because they used modular level design?

Sorry if this is a daft question, hopefully someone can help me out

Many thanks

Lightmass builds a lightmap for each** static mesh**.
Each static mesh will have a unity Lightmap Texture assigned to it. they do not share the same lightmap texture

Fab! Thanks for responding