Can I use any language besides C++ in Unreal Engine?

I installed the engine the other day and it is pretty nice, but something I absolutely HATE about it is C++.

I admit I never tried learning C++ until I saw I had to use it for Unreal, so I was jumping into new waters. However, after spending literally one hour to make a simple pickup that would take at most 10 lines in pretty much any other language to write, I have deemed C++ is way too over complicated and hard to understand. I mean, I get the jist of it but I couldn’t really do much with it without following a tutorial. Also, from my point of view, C++ is really ugly and it is hard to make your code look “clean” in it. It literally looks like I’ve already written a whole game and this is just one basic concept.

Is there any way I could use a different language, such as C# or Lua inside of Unreal Engine 4? Are they planning on adding support for any language that isn’t C++ soon?

I know blueprints exist but I would like the freedom that comes with coding. That, and (I’m sure this is just my opinion) the blueprints look as complicated as C++ and you don’t even write anything there!

If I really have to use C++, I guess I will but that would be a major drawback for me. At the very least, what are the best C++ tutorials for Unity?

There is a code plugin in the marketplace called SkookumScript I personally am a fan of it because it has a fast workflow, works well with blueprints, and recompiles in less than a second in most cases.

Then there is unrealjs GitHub - ncsoft/Unreal.js: Unreal.js: Javascript runtime built for UnrealEngine 4 - I have not used it.

There are other ones in various states on github, as well. Such as GitHub - 20tab/UnrealEnginePython: Embed Python in Unreal Engine 4

Skookumscript is your safest bet. It is made by what seems like a stable company and got a comparably mature UE4 integration.

I agree, I use SK(skookumscript) for my own projects. Right now SK is the most mature alternative language that also gives you a lot of great features the base engine doesn’t have(or more accurately, doesn’t have in an easily approachable manner).

UnrealJS and the recent Python modules are also great choices though, I’ve tried both, but ultimately chose SK for my games(but wouldn’t be upset if I “had” to use the others!)

I recommend you learn to use blueprints first.

Blueprints expose the ue api visually and are an outstanding tool to learn ue.

Any substantial game effort will utilize blueprints to some extent.

They are well documented and several tutorials are available.

Totally agree on this!

If for some reason you have set aside blueprints, I would consider giving them another go.
Baring that however Skookum script would be your best bet, Python and JS support are still very young (but promising).