can i use an animation from one source on mashes from another?

hi, i"m working on my FPS game and i want to import an animation into my project (from the marketplace or maximo for example). now , my question is if i import the animation only , without any mashes , can i make or import mash from another source and make them work together?
for example: i have a “fps animation kit” that i bought from the marketplace but it came with the animation only (without mashes) , can i get a character from maximo and attached the animation to it?

As long as skeletal meshes share the same skeleton, they can share the same animation. Now, the skeleton that comes with characters from Mixamo isn’t the same as the standard UE4 bipedal (human) skeleton, so you won’t be able to share the animations that easily.
However, you can use animation retargeting to transfer an animation from one skeleton to another. It’s a big topic for a single forum post, but there are great tutorials out there.

Just keep in mind that the Mixamo rig doesn’t come with a root bone, and the UE4 skeleton does. For the best retargeting, I suggest you simply add a root bone to the Mixamo animations using a rigging/animation software, like Autodesk Maya.