Can I use access DataTables directly via BP?

I followed the data driven blog post, now i can import my super fancy CSV to the content browser and get a greenish DataTable object.
Is there any way to iterate/access the data directly via BP on such datatable object or at the moment is code-only?

It seems like it is possible however I haven’t really played with it to know for sure.
To test this go to Driving Gameplay with Data from Excel - Unreal Engine and download the .xlsm file, and export it as a .cvs file. ( there is a button that says “Export to CVS”. )

You can then import that cvs file into the editor and then can access it via the below blueprint nodes.


That is all I know for now but this does seem interesting and I might start playing around with it a bit. :slight_smile:

This is close, but there is just no way to actually access the contained struct once you have gotten the DataTableRowHandle. Can Anyone from Epic please clarify this? Thanks!


I read something on the forums a few days ago where the devs talked about how they added some more functionality to data tables in blueprint with 4.3. Specifically, I think they added Get nodes for the tables.

Yep! 4.3 has the change, just checked the code :slight_smile: Nice!

Here is the announce on twitter:

Am I going crazy, or has this functionality been removed / does not exist in 4.5.1?

EvaluateCurveTableRow is available, but getDataTableRow does not exist. Is there any way to access non-curveTable data in blueprint? Am I supposed to assign the dataTable to a struct and then break/read the struct somehow?

Yes you can…And no need for Structs of C++


I shared some functions that will help you get row data out of a DataTableRowHandle Data Table Blueprint Function Library - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums