Can I use a TV show logo in my non-monetized game?


Excuse my question, but I’m quite amateur in this topic. I want to make a platform 2D free videogame where one of its levels will be inspired in Got Talent.

  1. If I paint the Got Talent logo in the background, would I be violating Got Talent’s copyright? If so, is there any way where I can use the logo without being copyrighted (changing the logo colour, brand name, etc.)?
  2. If I did the same with other TV shows, would I also be violating their rights?


Yeah, you can’t do it really. You can try if you want, but if the producers find out and come after you, you’ll either have to give them a lot of money, or totally change your game.

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Thank you so much for answering, but I still have some doubts. Would something happen if I change that logo colour, shape or brand name??
Sorry for disturbing you again.

The Unreal logo?

You can’t, that’s not allowed. Epic supply you with what you’re allowed to use: