Can I use a Satelite Photo as a ground photo ?


I want to create my city as a map.
Have tested out so many Tutorials, but all of them is either not working, or not possible to understand.
I would love to add a Height map, but there is just to many steps to follow that I never succseed :frowning:

So my last option before I give up, can I screen shot my google.maps from my city, and use that as a layer in UE4 (as a ground) , and then draw my own roads on top of that, so I got the 1:1 scale correct. ??

Have been working on this for so many years, have been waiting for a plugin inside UE4 that would make it possible to GRAB Height data from google earth, but seems like this never will happen.
I can`t undertand why, as it would make creating maps so much more easy.

Thanx for all help

You can try but it won’t look good. If you want to use real-world terrain heightmaps there’s stuff available for that outside of google. I know I’ve seen before a place where you can put in some longitude and latitude coordinates and it’ll bring up terrain height from that. But it’s not particularly high resolution. can create height textures, with rough margins (elevation), which can be smoothed via the terrain tool.