Can i USB Serial communicate with PIC microcontroller

Definitely not via blueprint and i don’t think UE4 provide any serial port support, so all it is left is use system APIs.

It really does not matter what controller you use or if you use USB because, USB here is just a bridge and when you connect your controller system see it as extra serial port (ofcorse i assume, because most controllers don’t come with USB support, they only have serial port communication or some other emulated communication method using GPIO), using any USB libraries here is only over complex things, any basic system comes with serial port support, windows included. So forget that USB exists here, instead you should search how to do serial port communication, like you would connect you controller to serial port.

Now question is… why you need UE4 for this? there no point of using game engine if all you want is to text to apper, it’s a lot simpler to do simple C++ program, or even just use terminal. Here you have some resources (which you can use with UE4 too)

It would be a lot easier to do this in Linux as accessing serial port can be done using file io APIs which UE4 provides (but also only C++)

Hello everyone!
I am working on a circuit controlled with PIC18F452 microcontroller that acts on some relays depending on instructions given to it via USB from a PC using serial communication.

I thought about using java or something to code the instructions sent from the PC to the PIC microcontroller, but then i thought of UE4, as it is used for software developement too and only game making. So here i am to ask the question, can i use UE4 blueprints to send a serial string of characters (8 bits) over USB?. I just need 1 of the usb wires havng the data byte, the pic knows how to handle the data. It’s NOT arduino, inb4 anyone brings the topic.

Hope anyone can help me with thi inquir. Thanks in advance!

You will have to add a plugin or code it yourself to do that. Unreal lets you add C++ classes though

Hello , thanks for the quick response!
Efectivel the circuit i want to send data to uses serial UART comms.
I’m not trying to make only text appear or use command lines, i want to make a graphical user interface like any windows program with new/save/load/close menus, “about” and a layout where the user sets settings over a cell/checker board array and it’s stored as variables, then a loop function makes data bytes of only 1 and 0 depending on the info given in the cells/checkers and finally the data byte sent to a PIC microcontroller.
Why USB tho, because it’d power up my circuit with the V+ and V- from the USB and use the data pin for the byte.

I could effectively use serial too and power up the circuit with a 9V battery.