Can I turn off twist and bounce in PHAT?

I apologize but this question is in reference to using UDK, maybe UE4. I"m currently trying to finish up my portfolio map and one of the critiques I received were my cables I had placed throughout. Is there a way to place cables/wires in UDK/UE4 with PHAT and not have the reaction of the twist and bounce when I play the level. It eventually settles and stops but not to my liking. When the map loads I’d like the mesh to rest in the position I have set for it with Joint Actors or on the ground to settle in it’s location, reacting to the static meshes realistically.

As I type this up, I’m realizing that creating various splines in 3ds Max and converting them into Poly’s, adding bones, and importing them into UDK/UE4 may be the better option here. I’ve messed with this way too long when I should be moving forward, and doing so while I find answers that would work best, even if I have to delete what I have and start again with this particular asset. With that said, any advice to move forward with this would be great. Polycount and Epic’s forums have given me few responses, if any at all. Bare with me. Ha ha!