Can I try it ?


Before getting in the boat with the subscription I would like to try and see if I’m comfortable with the tools and everything. Is there any Express version or trial in order to test my skill and see the product before going any further ?

Nope, there isn’t a trial version:


“Currently there is no planned trial or free version of Unreal Engine 4.”

-Either you watch some tutorials to see how it looks like
-or you pay 20$ and then unsubscribe the subscription

EDIT: Ninja’d.

It’s only 19 dollars…

With the exception of Blueprints the Tools are all fairly similar to what we all know and love with UDK, but like others said it is only $19.

Looking at screenshots or videos doesn’t make someone comfortable with the tool. $19 yes but /MONTH not per year. Now if I would have to pay for every single tool in the world just to try, everybody would become poor and the world would collapse.

I just can’t believe this threat exists.

Could you explain why you say that ?

Do you know how much Unreal Engine used to cost for a licensed studio to work on it?!
If you want to try it you can pay 19$ and unsub. I can’t believe you are saying that paying 19$ for a million dollars software is too much for you. If it is, guess what: building a game costs tens of thousands of dollars no matter what engine you use for.
So… WTF why 19$ just to download it is too much?!?

I’m one man not a team,
I’m not rich,
I want to learn first

By the way $19 isn’t too much for sure I agreed with you. But not for trying something you don’t know if you are all right with the tools !
Now let me ask you a question. What would it cost EPIC to give a 15 days trial as any normal software ?

I’m also a one-man band too.
I am not rich either.
I want to learn as much as you do, I am new around here too. Still I see this question as utterly absurd, I’m not attacking you. It just doesn’t make sense when it is already cheap as hell and few months ago was completely impossible for the masses of indies and hobbyists to even look at the documentation nevermind the tools themselves.
And making a trial version that would be cracked in few days would be a waste of resources; and when a programmer’s salary is in the thousands per month each… Would cost them a couple hundred thousand dollars just to make sure you save 19 bucks.

Well pay for the 1 month and cut the subscription, You can renew it in 6 / 12 / whenever you like or have money and receive all the updates. Not everyone here is a professional and some might not even have a job, But seriously it’s 19 and you can renew whenever you want and still be able to use a next-gen engine thats what people are trying to tell you. To sum it up no you cannot try it for free.

Considering they’re releasing the entire source code as the package, I’d say writing up a closed package for a trial would be more trouble than it’s worth, especially since they’ll need to do extra work to make sure the trial package is running the same build as the full release.

Not sure if anyone mentioned in the thread yet, but by purchasing the license and subscribing, you’re not forced to stay subscribed. Pay once, download and build the source, then unsubscribe until you feel comfortable commiting to it.

nah, that was not nice, man.

Ok thank you. There’s nothing to add.

$20 is a reasonable price even if you decide not to use it, you don’t have to be rich to afford that.