Can I trap a character inside of a trigger box?

I have an area I’d like a character NOT to be able to leave and I could set a trigger box tight over the entire area and BAMB! but when I have it block the pawn i cant spawn inside of it NOR get inside. Is there a way to make it to where i’m in but can’t get out??

I would place the blocking volume in the level before hand. However I would set the collision so that it ignores the character (or whatever else). I would then put another volume in your area with an “on overlap” event. I would have the “on overlap” event change the collision now block the character.

If you are a little more specific I could help you out more. Give it a try though!

I’m sorry. it’s very simple. I have an area. one area. you spawn there and you fight a boss. Its forest around the edges so Id need a sphere. I just wanted it to be where I cant leave that sphere shaped area.

Does anyone have any idea if this is possible in some way? Or how I should go adding collision to a sphere of some sort to where I can’t get out of it??
Like would it be possible? Make giant sphere mesh, make it translucent and then ONLY be inside of it??

Okay so I did it in my game. There are a couple caveats. I can’t make it work with a sphere. I instead used a cylinder. So I created a blocking volume, a cylinder, and made it hollow. By default I set the collision response channel to ignore. Then inside the blocking volume I but another solid trigger volume. Then I added an on overlap event to the inside-solid trigger volume which set the response channel of the outter-hollow blocking volume to block pawns. Here a screen:

A “blocking volume”?? And how did u make it hollow??

When you place the blocking volume in the world, if you look at the right side of your screen you’ll see a panel. I believe by default it is show world settings, there is a tab that says details though. Click the details tab and you’ll see a bunch of options for the blocking volume. In there is a check box for hollow. If you are still having trouble I can make a quick tutorial today when I get home.

In the brushes section, usually in the upper right, corner of the screen. Under the “volumes” section, where you’ll also find the trigger box, is a volume brush called blocking volume. drag and drop it into the world, it will be a box by default, but under the details panel, there is a drop down to change its shape.

I don’t know what a BLOCK ING volume is unless you’re just talking about a trigger box…
let me look into this really quick

ok so I have a Blocking volume cylinder made around the area. It’s set to hollow. I also have collision turned on and to ignore all but BLOCK the pawn. I spawn inside now…but i can still run right outside of the blocking volume…

You need to place 2 blocking volumes, One inside of the other and slightly smaller, so when the player collides with the inner blocking volume it turns the outer block volume’s collision to block pawns.

What if you spawn inside of the circle? Like at Level begin play?