Can I transfer my game from Love2d? How would I do this?

I have been working on a game in Love2d(using lua), and I would like to transfer this project to Unreal 5, to further enhance rendering and frame rate. What steps should I take to go about this process?

Hey there @AcrylicPheonix! Welcome to the community!

So firstly Love2D is scripted in Lua and UE is scripted in C++/Blueprints. To say the least most of the Lua scripting isn’t going to be very useful to help port. Much of your porting process is going to be from the ground up. The only thing that might transfer programmatically may be some equations. Your art assets will have to be integrated in with Paper2D (Unreal Engines 2D sprite toolset), but for the most part you will need to rewrite most of the game from the ground up!

Secondly Unreal Engine is a bit heavier at base than Love2D so I wouldn’t expect a performance increase changing over, but the rendering tech could be useful for some cool effects!

I’ve got a couple of resources that can help you get started! Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

Assuming your game is 2D:

Intro to Paper2D:

Longer form Paper2D overview: Getting Started with Paper2D

Paper2D documentation:


Thank you very much, you’re a very helpful entity. The only question Id have is about a Lua extension in the Unreal Marketplace, do you know if that would be worth it, or should I just start the transfer to C++/Blueprints?

In my opinion when porting things over it’s usually better to go the full measure due to the nature of the engine, marketplace, and generally your future in the ecosystem. I’ve seen a couple of projects that imported previous JS projects and have even ported my own C#/Unity project over but at the end of the day the plugin I was using for C# integration wasn’t capable of using many of the engines features, so I decided then and there I’d just use BP/C++ to do the full port. Then thinking towards the future, if you’re going to be working in UE or even moving on to software (C++) it’d just benefit you as the end user to use it as a learning experience.

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I will do that then, thank you very much for your help.

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