Can I toggle physics sub-bodies On and Off in blueprints?

I want to change around what physics bodies to use for the open and closed states of a characters hands.
You know the actual geometric shapes, the cubes, sphyls etc.
So that they better follow the shape of the hand, without having to go in and do individual shapes for palm and all the finger joints.

Is this possible to do in Blueprints?


Hi Fredrum!

I think your are looking for Inverse Kinematics (IK); Inverse Kinemtics (IK) allows you to specify a location for a bone to try to get to, and the bone or hand in your case will move in an attempt to reach that specific position and “adapt” to the object.

Here is the documentation:
They are also some tutorials, here is one of them:

Hope it helps! Good luck!

Hi CamXil,

no it’s not IK or anything to do with making anything move directly.
I want to turn On/Off the geometric shapes that make up the physics bodies for any particular bone on my characters’ Physics Asset.