Can I test multiplayer on the same computer?


I was wondering if it’s possible to test a multiplayer game on the same computer by opening 2 sessions or not please ?

For exemple by right clicking on the project and “launch game” ?
Or will it cause some troubles ?

Thank you for help !

You can test multiplayer using the “Play as Client”, that will create a server and will open two (or as much as you set) clients on your PC.

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Thank you for your answer, but I don’t have this option on 4.24, what version are you using please ?

Also my objectiv is to test the “Advanced Session” plugin blueprints…so I don’t think this way can help me ?

Actually in order to test I use “Launch game” by right clicling on the right click.
But I was wondering if I can do the same on the same computer or should I use two computers.

Same comp good test for clients as a listening client. For dedicated to get true results you must test on two machines over the network. Each way will give you different results depending on how you coded it. Things that work on listening, might not work over the network. So it is best to test both ways.

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Thanks @gamepainters for your help :slight_smile: