Can I tell the launcher to download marketplace assets, without adding them to a project?


I’ve been “collecting” assets for a while now, taking advantage of all sales. I believe I have now 95% of what I need to get started. What I’d like, is to somehow bulk-download the assets into my vault, so they are “immediately” there, when I want to access them. As I own now over 600 assets, adding them individually to some dummy project, just so they gets downloaded into the vault, is a pain. Not only to mention that I might not have enough disk space to have all the assets twice in my PC (once in a project, and once in the vault).

In short, I’d like to “queue” all the marketplace assets I own for download “in bulk”, not individually, and if possible only have them put in the vault, but not in a project.

That would be great. I’m actually just looking for a way to download a single marketplace item into my vault without having the launcher add it to an existing project. Is that even possible? I want to manually control how the assets are imported into my project.

I haven’t downloaded a product in a while, but I thought the dropdown in the vault for each item had you download it locally before you could add to project?

Not that I can see. I have an un-downloaded asset, and all I can do is click on “Add To Project”. The arrow next to the button is gray, it doesn’t do anything.