Can i Swap My Account To My PS4?

is there anyway I can i transfer my Fortnite account to my playstation4 from my computer? turns out im not good with all the buttons on the pc and i would really love to be able to play. Please Please please give me some good news i really would like to play Fortnite.i purchased the super delux edition, also how do i get the code redeem the version for a friend??

Super Deluxe Edition
Super Deluxe Edition

  • $53.99

you will have better luck getting a response via the fortnight help page rather than here on the engine answerhub. this section if all about development using the engine not about fortnight.

ohh dang okay thank you for letting me know. any chance you could point me into the right direction?? i couldnt find the help page lol maybe im looking too hard and missing it or something

This is where i would start