Can I still use the Dev kit from steam?

I just dont like the epic games launcher I dont have a huge SSD and Im having to like delete things to manage and get the updates, So I was wondering if I download the version from steam will it work?

No, that version is ancient. Wildcard should finally remove it…

Technically speaking, you can use the steam version… updates would be required manually and there is no verification option if going down that route. It’s not advisable.

Check the DerivedDataCache folder in the Engine folder where the DevKit is installed. This can grow to be quite large, depending on what mods you’re doing and what not. A fellow modder’s folder was over 70GB’s, now at 30-something after he deleted the contents. I do not know if there are any substantial consequences to doing so, my folder was around 30-ish GB’s down to 15 now after deleting, down further to 10GB’s with compression.

The only side effect I’ve encountered so far is it took I would presume about 3 hours for the DevKit to rebuild the cache when I opened it after deleting the contents of that folder.