Can i start a video at a part other than the beginning?

So I have this wall full of TVs which I built using the Blueprint Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh. I want every TV to play another video. But as putting that many videos would obviously be very heavy for memory, I thought of putting the same, long video but I don’t know if it’s possible to randomize the point at which video starts? Say one video surface starts emiting the video at 1m05s of internal video time, another one at 2m50s internal video time, but they all start at those different times as soon as I start the level.

Is it a media file? I don’t know how well this works:

hi thanks a lot for the anwer! yes it is a media file. this is how it looks in the level blueprint:

I don’t know how to connect them and how to get that seek window, what should i type?

thanks for the answer! however, it still plays all videos at the same time, from the beginning of the video?

Pull a pin from the media player ref and look for seek:

PS: Not tested, also not sure whether you play then seek or seek then play :slight_smile:

Ah, nuts…

I don’t really have anything to test it with, but I’m thinking it’s because they’re all the same media player ref.

I think you need as many references as you have TVs. So, still one media source, but lots of media players, which you can seek with…